The First Cloud Remote Access

EZ VPN gives you access to any of your remote network locations.

Connect to your office and work remotely, manage your home automation devices, upgrade your industrial control panel, check your webcams, with EZ VPN anything behind a firewall can be safely and easily accessed without even touching your existing network configuration.

Cloud VPN

With EZ VPN, you can deploy a VPN to your remote site in minutes. Just plug it into the network and "manage it" from the management site, no IT knowledge needed, no router reconfiguration required, no need to open ports.

EZ VPN Is Safe

EZ VPN is based on OpenVPN and configured with the highest safety standards. We already did the hard job on your behalf and made it available on your desktop, just deploy a remote connection, manage your users and forget about configuring a VPN access.


Your remote sites and users' connection status, at a glance. The dashboard gives you immediate access to traffic data charts, user’s status, connection history, and information for each remote location and user.

Enterprise features

EZ VPN allows you to manage a high number of users, defining fine-grained access rights to internal subnets and customized resources for each user. You can also manage external subnets and access to protected resources from the company granted IPs.

EZ VPN Saves you Time and Money

Thanks to EZ VPN it is no longer necessary to fly, wasting time and money, just to carry out simple software maintenance tasks.

Now you can reach your remote devices right from your desk whenever you need and wherever they are located around the world.

Whether you are an industrial machinery manufacturer or an IT manager, EZ VPN has the solution for you.

For Existing Networks

Use an EZ Box and configure it in bridge mode to reach an existing network, no changes or configuration needed, all you have to do is connect it and it’ll work.

It's magical, it's EZ VPN.

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For New Networks

Are you a manufacturer of industrial machinery and you want to reach them remotely while also protecting them and keeping them secure from the Internet?

Connect an EZ Box and configure it in router mode. You can allow them to access the Internet or to be fully isolated, your call. In any case, you can only access them through VPN, so they are safe.

It's magical; it's EZ VPN.

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How It Works, In Five Steps

Step 1

Plug the ethernet cable into the EZ Box WAN port.

Step 2

Log into the management site.

Step 3

Adopt your EZ Box.

Step 4

Create users.

Step 5

Connect using any available OpenVPN client.

Industry 4.0 Ready

Enabling Digital Operations.

EZ VPN, with no effort, provides you 100% Industry 4.0 compliant safe access to the remote machines.

Fully isolated LAN for PLCs, HMIs, ... accessible only through VPN.

Port forwards for data communication (OPC UA, MQTT, AMQP, CoAP, ...).

Access from devices to the Internet and/or factory LAN can be closed.

Real-time notifications on VPN access.

Access control can be managed by the plant manager.

Time-controlled access can be provided to suppliers.

EZ VPN is Secure

Our main objectives are simplicity and security.

All traffic is SSL end-to-end encrypted and we do not store any data that flows through our servers. Your traffic is invisible to us and to anyone else.

For additional security, you can browse the connection log of user access any time.

Also, you can easily grant or deny access to users, only with one click on the management website.

Instant Notifications

Sign in to the management site using Telegram and receive in real-time Telegram notifications on your smartphone, of VPN user connections (only for premium and enterprise users).

We will let you know if the box gets disconnected so that you can be aware of connectivity downtimes or power failures.

You can also decide to be notified to your email address.

All the system alerts are visible on the management web site until you clear them up.

Get your Starter Kit

You need a Starter Kit to set up your remote access. Choose the one the fits your needs.

Any starter kit includes a one-month subscription of Enterprise Plan.

You can start to use it with the full-fledged subscription embedded. And you can pick the right plan for your needs later.

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Subscription Plans

All EZ VPN features are available in any plan. Compare plans
$149.00 / 12 months
  • 10 Gbytes per month
  • Up to 4 users
  • 1 concurrent user
$249.00 / 12 months
  • 100 Gbytes per month
  • Up to 30 users
  • 5 concurrent users
$649.00 / 12 months
  • 1 TByte per month
  • Up to 100 users
  • 20 concurrent users