If you’re curious about what’s new in EZ VPNTM, and what’s changed, you’re in the right place.

September 2021

OPC-UA is now Dynamic

the OPC-UA Gateway container now accepts on-the-fly creation of OPC-UA addresses.

Moreover the addresses value can be set directly from MQTT, other than through standard OPC-UA communication


Node-RED container available on the IOhubTM catalog

EXCH: CallSubOn

Looping capabilities added to EXCH with CallSubOn

EXCH: Jsonpath raw selector

Json selectors can now be used in raw jsonpath mode

August 2021

MQTT Field Container

A new field container has been deployed, suitable for devices exposing an MQTT broker

July 2021

EZConnect 1.0.2 released

EZConnect 1.0.2 has been released. The embedded OpenVPN version is now 2.5.3

Init section in db-key-value

It is now possibile to initialize addresses in the db-key-value container

new JSON functions added to EXCH

The following functions have been added

  • json_unshift
  • json_find_index
  • json_del_index
  • json_del_arr
Dynamic recipient on email

The email container now accepts dynamic recipients, extracted from the subscribed mqtt topic.

Global MQTT Broker on Exchanger

The exchanger can now use an mqtt broker local to the application and a global one, inter-application, allowing a better organization for complex scenarios.

EXCH mqtt/http commands have also been extended to send explicitly messages to the local/global broker.

Dropbox integration

Local IOhubTM filesystems can be synchronized with Dropbox. DB backups, CSV files, ... can be now automatically synced to the cloud.

redis-csv file enabled

The Redis-CSV container can now save remotely files, using the file field container

File field container

Files in IOhubTM can be created/moved among applications and read/written to the local file system

EXCH http fix application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Fix on application/x-www-form-urlencoded http EXCH instructions

Base64 encoding/decoding in EXCH

encode_base64 and decode_base64 have been added to EXCH.

Human Readable date in Redis CSV Writer

Redis CSV Writer can publish a timestamp in human readable date, in the user defined timezone

Dynamic delay on mqtt actions

The optional delay on EXCH MQTT actions can now be passed as a dynamic value.

Self installed container dependencies

Now every container installs its suggested dependences. You can create a complete application now just installing one container from catalog and all the dependencies get automatically installed.

June 2021

initVar statement

a new initVar statement has been added to EXCH, to allow a better variable initialization.

Permanent storage for exchanger

You can now define some EXCH variables as permanent. Their value will be kept upon reboots.

Global MQTT broker

You can now enable a global MQTT broker on IOhubTM instances. When enabled, each application can forward messages to other application, using the same namespace.

May 2021

Siemens Simatic supported

The Siemens Simatic IPC127E hardware is now a supported hardware on IOhubTM.

IOhub docs accessible from the management

In each container catalog you can now find a direct link to the container documentation.

Timezone in cron expression

The cron expressions used by the exchanger and other containers can now be localized instead of being bound to the UTC timezone.

Rock PI X hardware added

IOhubTM and IOconTM are now enabled also on the RockPI X hardware

Added String support to OPC-UA

The OPC-UA field container can now manage the String datatype

April 2021

New features
  • Added default values CHANGE ME for env vars when you add a new container from IOhubTM catalog.
  • OPC-UA string supported on field container
  • Refactoring fld container upon errors
  • OPC-UA upgrade bad certificate
New container released

Now on the IOhubTM catalog, we have added:

  • mqtt-mqtt-multi container, the new bidirectional MQTT to MQTT container, easier to use and more powerful
  • webcam container, turn on any webcam to an IP camera
Management interface
  • Wider documentation in system apps
  • Added colors on categories on catalog
New EXCH function

Added mqtttopic on HTTP calls function

EXCH language enhancement

HTTP calls in exchanger added

EXCH language

Validation editor for EXCH language added to the management web interface

New container released

The Rest API container is now available.

Filebrowser updated version

The new filebrowser container is online. Now you can use it in read/write mode

New containers released

New containers have been added to the IOhubTM catalog.

  • Redis DB
  • MQTT to Redis
  • Redis CSV writer

With the new Redis CSV writer container, you can generate custom CSV files based on the Cron function. Automatic file rotation, max number of files rotated, frequency-time rotation, and custom columns are the mains containers' features.

March 2021


IOhub instances can now belong to networks. Messages can be sent to remote devices/applications just adding the destination to the MQTT EXCH commands. IOhub instances are added to networks from the management web site.

Key-Value DB Container

The new Key-Value container is a:

  • internal data storage for simple application
  • publish subscribe internal system
  • timed-based notification system
EXCH 1.1.x

A new huge set of features are added to EXCH:

  • a new functions set
  • JSON type
  • subroutines
  • optional delay on MQTT operations
  • null type
  • date functions
  • environment variables
  • remote destinations
New Logger Application

A new Logger application is available on catalog, using the same interface of the management web site.

MQTT to Twilio

A Twilio messaging container has been added. You can get text notifications upon events.

MQTT Gateway

A new MQTT Gateway container has been added. You can talk MQTT directly to your IOhubTM instance. MQTT Gateway

MQTT to MQTT source authentication

Added MQTT to MQTT IOhubTM container source authentication.

IOindustry BOT published

A new Telegram bot is available. It can be used to get a chat id, necessary to configure the mqtt-telegram container.

MQTT to Telegram new container

A new notification container has been added. It is now possible to send Telegram notifications from IOhubTM, upon certain events.

Internal MQTT container is now self added

When creating a new application, the internal MQTT broker is automatically added.

MQTT to email new container

A new notification container has been added. It is now possible to send email notifications from IOhubTM, upon certain events.

OPC-UA Server container added

A new container allows the creation of embedded opcua server. MES and other systems talking OPC-UA can now directly communicate to IOhubTM.

Modbus Slave container added

The new Modbus slave container allows to simulate a modbus PLC/slave storage.

February 2021

iohub-tool-logger container updated

The container ezvpn/iohub-tools-logger has now a retry option, upon disconnections.

Bug fix on "Add IOhub button"

Bug fix: the button was not showing up when no VPN was found.

Debug Log window added to the management web site

It is now possible to view the full docker log viewing the management website. The log gets updated in real-time, along with notifications of docker events (pull, start, ...).

MQTT to Slack new container

A new notification container has been added. It is now possible to send Slack notifications from IOhubTM, upon certain events.

EXCH language parser

Exchanger updated with EXCH language parser

MQTT to Slack new container

A new notification container has been added. It is now possible to send Slack notifications from IOhubTM, upon certain events.

Cron time format feature

Added Cron time format sampling format to all field containers.

January 2021

Exchanger / EXCH added

The Exchanger container has been heavily revisited. It has become a full fledged scripting tool, based on the new EXCH language. Within Exchanger it is now possible to create sophisticated script executing actions upon events.

Data field aggregation

Added data field aggregation for Modbus, MicroLogix, Step7, OPC-UA, Ethernet/IP

InfluxDB metadata

Added InfluxDB metadata management

MQTT to MQTT container

Added MQTT to MQTT container

New Microsoft Azure containers released

Added on IOhubTM platform the Azure containers

  • Azure IoT hub
  • Azure Event hubs
  • Azure Event Hubs subscriber logger
  • Azure IoT Hub subscriber logger
MQTT Multiple topic management

Added multiple topic management in newline for all MQTT containers

Metadata management

Added metadata management for the containers:

  • AWS Timestream
  • Google Pub/Sub
Data Buffer

Added data buffer and data persistence on all MQTT containers.

USB to Serial support

Added USB to serial feature on management interface to support USB/RS485 or USB/RS232 converter.

Modbus RTU

Added Modbus RTU support to the Modbus field container.

December 2020

EZ Connect 1.0.1
  • Added local "OpenVPN Administrators" group for no admin users.
  • Added connection error popup message.

November 2020

New IOhub containers released
  • Exchanger first release
  • MQTT to InfluxDB
  • Allen-Bradley Micrologix
  • AWS Timestream
Containers autowiring dependencies

Now in the IOhubTM section management interface, the Docker dependencies are detected and added automatically.

October 2020

New IOhub containers released
  • Internal MQTT Broker
  • Virtual PLC
  • Modbus
  • InfluxDB
  • OPC-UA
  • MQTT to Google Pub/SUB
  • Ethernet/IP
  • CSV file exporter

September 2020

IOG1 firmware

IOG1 firmware released

IOhub released

IOhubTM release to market

IOhub Application

Added IOhubTM debugger and IOhubTM system monitoring applications

August 2020

EZ Connect 1.0.0

The EZ VPN OpenVPN client released.

Management interface news

Added news pop up in the management interface.

New IOX1 firmware

IOX1 firmware updated with IOhubTM support

July 2020

Users Groups

Enabled Groups on the management interface.

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