EZ VPNTM is engineered to create a secure and reliable VPN connection. Different from traditional incoming VPN connections, EZ VPNTM has many unique features that make it unique in its category.

Below, you will find a list of the most important features and you can learn more by consulting our documentation.

Plug & Play for real

Plug EZ VPNTM starter kit in the existing network without changing any existing configuration, register your new device and the VPN connection is done. No need to replace any existing hardware and it works with any internet connection.

Portability - Simply Clever

Do you have more than one internet connection provider and the connections keep switching? Do you need to move the VPN connection to more than one location? Do you need to change your network address configuration? No problem, with the “Portability Mode” feature enabled, our VPN service automatically reconfigures without you having to do anything.


EZ VPNTM uses OpenVPN technology which is used and debugged by millions of users daily. You will also receive instant Telegram notifications every time a user connects and you have the option to disable the access in real-time directly from your Telegram application. Access logs are also available. You are in full control!


A true Remote Network solution! You have access to all devices in the network directly over IP and you don’t need to depend on servers to establish your VPN connection. It’s like being in the office when you are not!

Enterprise environment

EZ VPNTM service is designed for complex enterprise networks. Add as many subnets as you wish and decide who you want to grant access to. Everything is under your control.


Compatible with all desktop and mobile operating systems. Every OpenVPN client is compatible with EZ VPNTM.


Is the VPN connection not working or is the EZ BoxTM disconnected from the internet? You will be immediately notified. What if it reconnects? You'll also receive a real-time notification. You can monitor and be proactive with possible connectivity or infrastructure problems.

Cloud Powered

Manage users and remote connections from a single intuitive cloud web interface. Nothing to install or update. Everything is under your control.

Isolation mode

Is security your top requirement? Do you want to create an isolated network that can be reached only via VPN and not visible on the internet? No problem, it’s possible with our “Router Mode” configuration.

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