EZ VPN is a "hassle-free" VPN service that allows you to connect to any of your remote networks without any setup; we take care of any configuration on your behalf.

Using EZ VPN, you can access your webcams, printers, computers, alarm systems, whatever can be obtained by an IP connection. No need to open ports on your router, expose services, set up port forwarding, natting or any other tricky configuration.

Whenever you need to access any remote network, you can do it just plugging an EZ Box. Common use cases are:

  • I have some employees sometimes working at home; I need them to be fully connected as if they were at their desk.
  • I am an accountant, and I need to access my office ERP system from home or on the road.
  • I am an IT consultant, and I need to access my customers LAN for maintenance.
  • I sell automated machinery, and I need to access my remote-control panels all over the world for support and upgrades.
  • I am a system manager, and I need to access my servers from a safe IP address.
  • I need to access my safety systems (webcams, alarms, etc.) from everywhere.

Generally speaking, whenever you cannot access your IP data/service through a cloud service, you can just plug an EZ Box and have access to the whole remote network.

You have to:

  • sign up and subscribe to an EZ VPN plan. (You will receive an EZ Box);
  • wire your EZ Box to your LAN using any available Ethernet port; and
  • log into https://management.ezvpn.online and adopt your box by supplying its EZ Box ID (printed on the bottom).

Your VPN is up and running.

With your VPN up and running, you can use any OpenVPN client, from any computer or smartphone you own (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android), to connect to your remote network.

Yes, the maximum number of users depends on the plan you subscribed to.

Yes, without any limitation. However, you cannot use it simultaneously. Each certificate is meant to be used by a single user. If you need to have two or more devices simultaneously connected you need to create one for each device.

No, you will plug your EZ Box into your LAN just like you plug your other wired devices (PC, printer, TV box, webcams, etc.). No modification is required for your current set up.

No, you do not need any static address on any DNS configuration.

Absolutely not. EZ VPN is a totally hassle free service, no NAT or Port forwarding is required, just wire the box to your LAN, and you are all set.

Generally speaking, yes, it works wherever you can wire your PC with an Ethernet cable and browse the Internet. More strictly speaking, what you need is a DHCP server in your LAN (if you do not know what a DHCP server is, you probably are already using it in your router) outgoing access to TCP ports 80, 443 and high UDP ports. Some company routers block outgoing UDP traffic.

These are very generic requirements and fulfilled by almost any SOHO Internet router. However, if you are going to put an EZ Box in your office, make sure your IT department is not blocking or proxying UDP traffic.

No, you must wire it to your switch/router

Providing and disabling access to whoever you like with EZ Box is a breeze. You can enable and disable access to any certificate with a click. You can, for example, let in your IT guy for maintenance and withdraw access when the job is done.

No. EZ VPN is not a browsing VPN service. There are lots of excellent ones for that. Our goal is to let you IN your premises, not to let you OUT.

EZ VPN is also the perfect service to reach your customers if you are an IT guy, or to access your remote control panels if you are a machine manufacturer; just drop an EZ Box in your Ethernet switch, and you can access your devices 24/7 everywhere from any device.

Your external servers accessible only from your office are considered as your other internal resources as well. With EZ VPN you can set up additional networks (local or remote) to be reached through your VPN connection (not included in all plans).

Yes, it can either be USB powered or be PoE powered.

If you are using PoE, do not connect the USB power supply.

Set your correct time zone in your profile settings area.

No, we have distributed servers in North America, Europe, and Asia. During EZ Box adoption you will choose your geographical area.

Any operating system having an OpenVPN client available is supported. All the following operating systems have at least one.

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • FreeBSD
  • Openwrt

You need an OpenVPN client, with embedded OpenVPN version not less than 2.4. Tested clients up to now are:

  • Windows: OpenVPN GUI
  • MacOS: Tunnelblick, Viscosity
  • Linux: OpenVPN command line client (please note that some distros are still on 2.3.x version)
  • iOS: OpenVPN Connect
  • Android: OpenVPN Connect

Anyway, untested clients should also work well.

Please note that 2.4 is a requirement for the embedded OpenVPN client, not for the GUI itself. All the above listed software have an embedded OpenVPN 2.4+.

Please send a request to customer support.

Max consumption is 900mA. Roughly speaking, if used 24/7, averaging its consumption at ~200mA, it will cost about $1 per year applying average California energy cost.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your current plan. However, in case of a plan change, your current plan won’t be extended; when changing, the current plan will be disabled and substituted by the new one, therefore, losing the remaining subscription time available.

Yes, it is an implemented feature; however user connections history is available only on specific plans.

No, you cannot. Once adopted it is bound to the first adoption account.

Yes. Check the portability mode, in the dedicated settings section for your EZ Box, is enabled.

No, your plan is bound to your EZ Box. You can safely delete your EZ Box and readopt it, the subscription plan will remain bound to your EZ Box.

EZ Box must be powered on, and the two left LED lights must be solid green.

During the first boot, it can take up to five minutes to complete the auto upgrade procedure.

If the center LED is still blinking after 5 minutes, you probably have a communication issue; try to connect a PC to the same Ethernet cable you are using for EZ Box and make sure you can browse the Internet.

When EZ Box is powered on, it automatically enters pairing mode.

During pairing mode the adoption procedure is enabled.

After 10 minutes, pairing mode is automatically disabled. If you want to enable it again, you need to power cycle your EZ Box.

  • Left LED: Power status. If solid green, your EZ Box is powered on.
  • Center LED: Internet connection status. If solid green, your EZ Box is connected to the Internet. If blinking, it is trying to connect. Please note that at each boot it will take about two minutes to get a solid green LED.
  • Right LED: VPN connection status. If off, there is no VPN connection. If solid red, VPN connection is okay. If blinking red, VPN connection is okay, and traffic is flowing through the VPN.

If you delete your EZ Box from the management interface, your EZ Box will go through a complete firmware reset (immediately if powered on and connected or at the next boot if powered off).

If you need to do a reboot, just shortly press the reset button.

You need to use the WAN port during the very first adoption. After that, both ports will be usable; EZ Box will become an unmanaged switch.

Network Manager with authentication over OpenVPN suffers a bug, do not use it.

If you do not want to get the login emails you can disable the notification in your profile area, although we strongly advise against doing that.

Data stash is a safety data bucket, automatically used when your EZ Box runs out of data traffic available.

Each of your EZ Box has a limited monthly data plan. If you use all your available data before the end of the month, your EZ Box will be stopped. Moreover, it will remain disabled until the current month is over.

If you run critical operations and you do not want to risk having your connections not available, you can fill your data stash in advance.

No, your data stash purchases will never expire.

No, data stash is account-wide, it is available for all your EZ Boxes bound to your account.

You can disable/enable automatic data stash usage for each EZ Box in their settings section.