Gubert System and AREA - Success Story

Monitoring dashboard built with IOhub

Objective: Data management of a refrigeration and air conditioning system. Management and control of smart devices and sensors.

Solution: IOhubTM IIoT orchestrator and data management.

Market: IoT, Energy, Air Conditioning, Device Control

The customer: AREA SRL

AREA SRL is a leader in technical services for refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating systems (HVAC). AREA SRL’s core business is high-level technical servicing of large commercial installations in places like hospitals, shopping centers, and hotels.

AREA Srl’s business model is based on its promptness and speed of intervention by mitigating downtime due to interruptions of service. This is a critical point for large hospitals and office installations.

System integrator: Gubert System SRL

Gubert System is a very dynamic that is specializes in providing IIoT custom solutions to their customers. Located in Italy, they have been servicing their customers for over 20 years by bringing to them innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Integrator supplier: EZ VPN Inc.

EZ VPN provides innovative, cloud-based remote access solutions for industrial applications (ICS) as well as a data management platform for Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications. The ability to assemble applications without the use of programming makes the IOhubTM platform one of a kind, giving customers flexibility that other systems cannot offer.

Sensors supplier: SATEL GPRS-A xi remote sites, SHELLY 3EM, 1L, DOOR / WINDOW 2

Customer request

Implement a monitoring and predictive analysis system for all equipment that, depending on the type of installation, notifies anomalies and faults (block, overtemperature, etc.) and alerts the support teams via Telegram.

Alerts should include the specifics of the problem so that AREA receives all information to prepare the on-site intervention and possible procurement of parts in real-time.

This will ensure that the on-site technician will have all information and parts to optimize his time, guarantee the least amount of customer downtime, and save AREA unnecessary travel costs for multiple on-site visits. The solution must ensure scalability and must be easily adaptable to the type and size of the installation.

Each end customer must have a customized dashboard with controlled and limited access.

The solution will be integrated into a real-time monitoring center for remote machines, creating a control room equipped with visual systems and 24/7 monitoring personnel.


Proposed solution

Together with the customer, all details were analyzed and we developed a solution based on EZ VPN IOhubTM.

By using IOhubTM orchestration capabilities, we proposed a solution that collects the data coming from the 1-Wire sensors and transmits the information to an MQTT broker using a 4G module.

The data received is stored in the IOhubTM internal database, processed and elaborated according to detailed specifications, and represented on customized dashboards built for the end customers.

The flexibility of IOhubTM allowed us to build a customized notification system by using Telegram that is tailored to each customer and based on specific events.

The final result of the data management and acquisition was to prepare dashboards to be used to set up the centralized control room.

From here, employees can monitor the systems and the energy consumption which is represented and parameterized according to the customer's request.

In addition, AREA SRL also used IOhubTM to monitor the solar system installed on their premises as well as the access control system to the building.

This implementation was very easy and was completed by adding preconfigured containers present in IOhubTM.

Evaluation by the customer

After an initial evaluation test, the benefits delivered by this solution were so important that in a short amount of time, the same monitoring system was implemented for all the AREA SRL installations including AREA SRL headquarters.



AREA SRL immediately recognized the advantages of IOhubTM.

The promptness with which anomalies are detected and the generation of the subsequent maintenance task has shown a significant reduction in intervention times and cost.

The end customers also saw a good value by adopting this solution which translated into better optimization of internal resources with the consequent reduction of costs.

Adopting IOhubTM for AREA SRL's internal needs has contributed to a more detailed and accurate analysis of the company's energy costs and also to improved monitoring of all installed smart equipment and sensors.

With IOhubTM, AREA SRL is now able to keep all systems under control from a centralized control room which adds a lot of value to all end customers as well.

Thanks to IOhubTM, AREA SRL can successfully orchestrate data, events, parts orders, and company resources with a modern solution that will grow with the company.

The adoption of IOhubTM as an Industry 4.0 solution has allowed AREA SRL to introduce a predictive maintenance system capable of planning preventive maintenance and averting t failures and therefore shutdowns.

Client Feedback

“Gubert System has proposed a cutting edge solution that will allow us to save money while improving our service. The speed with which we can respond to our customers is a lot faster, and we have reduced management and maintenance costs by optimizing our resources. The quality of our services has also increased significantly. Last but not least, the creation of a control room with which we can monitor all installations gives us a competitive advantage and will allow us to sell a service that we could not offer before."

- Fiorese Ruggero CEO of AREA SRL

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