Termotecnica Rota

Termotecnica Rota

Termotecnica Rota is ahead of the game with the adoption of IO Industry

Termotecnica Rota is an installer of mid to large size centralized HVAC systems for commercial and industrial applications. The company is located in Italy and they service many world-class customers in the Northern part of the country.

The Problem

Termotecnica Rota manages several HVAC installations that require periodic monitoring and adjustments. These installations are typically located in large corporations where access the local network to monitor the proper working condition of the equipment is denied. They solved this dilemma by installing a remote desktop solution that allowed them to remotely access the installation via a PC installed locally. This solution was fairly inexpensive and it had several drawbacks – it required a PC installed that was installed on-site, the connection was not reliable because many times, the PC was down, and the connection speed was very slow.

Termotecnica Rota was searching for an easy and reliable connection that would allow them to guarantee a top class service to their customers without encountering major costs. With the current solution, they often had to travel to the customer’s site and because the connection was not working, it also added additional cost to their service.

The Solution

Termotecnica Rota discovered IO Industry for corporate applications through the EZ VPNTM service. After consulting with the IO Industry Italian technical team, Termotecnica Rota decided to test IOconTM.

The configuration of IOconTM took only 3 minutes. After that, they were able to access the installation remotely using any device: phone, tablet and PC, and they were able to isolate the equipment from the customer’s network. The connection speed with IOconTM was a lot faster compared to the remote desktop solution they were using before and on top of that, they didn’t have to rely on the PC that was installed on-site.

The first installation of IOconTM was at Fisher in Agrate (MI) where Termotecnica Rota manages the centralized HVAC system for offices, laboratories and warehouses with a total of 117 controllers and 3 equipment blocks for a total of 495 Kw/h of installed power. There is also a filtration system for the offices with an installed power of 56Kw/h. IOconTM was installed to control all the equipment for the purpose of monitoring the proper working condition of the machines as well as making seasonal calibrations.

Client Feedback

IOconTM is exceptional at what it does and it is extremely reliable. It is very important for us to have a solution that always works and one that we can rely on.

- Ferdinando Rota CEO

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