AME 2021 Trade Show

AME 2021 - EZ VPN Exhibition

EZ VPNTM attended for the first time the Advanced Manufacturing Exhibition (AME) in Grand Rapids, MI. It was great to be able to see our customers in person again, and to have meaningful conversations about how IOhubTM and IOconTM can help with their transition to Industry 4.0.

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On the first day, Paolo Denti - CEO of EZ VPNTM and main developer of our technology, was one of the speakers at the educational conference organized during the two-day event. During the session, he gave a demonstration on how to build a full-fledged Industry 4.0 environment with IOhubTM. He used IOhubTM’s preconfigured containers to build different applications to integrate the ERP to a few machines and equipment. He created production schedules, sent notifications, automatically generated vendor PO’s, and more. The attendees were very engaged and had a lot of good questions at the end of the session.

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A big thank you to Industrial Control for organizing the event and who is also the local distributor of EZ VPNTM products. Industrial Control has been a very good partner for EZ VPNTM and their experienced sales team was there to support all our customers. We look forward to being part of next year's event!

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