An easy Network in Industry 4.0

An easy Network in Industry 4.0


In the industrial world, putting one or more machines in communication with each other is always a complex task. In some cases, it’s so complex and burdensome that it discourages any attempt to do so. With the new Network feature of IOhubTM all this can be achieved easily and quickly.

Turn down the complexity

In the communication world, "networks" have always been a tool to improve efficiency, integration, performance, and business scalability. Networks, as we know them, are interconnections between devices in which data and communications transit following complex protocols and rules typically managed by specialists. Although the concept of a network is extremely simple, building it is almost always complex, time-consuming, and expensive.

The needs

Creating a “network” with your industrial machine, even if they are located physically in a different location, would allow and simplify recurring activities such as:

  • Making sure that multiple machines can exchange data with each other.
  • Conveying data collected from multiple locations to a single location.
  • Monitoring data from multiple production sites so the operation of the machines can be managed in an orchestrated way.
  • Interfacing with different systems such as ERP’s or MES’s.
  • Optimizing communication resources at a single site.

A solution on a human scale

Like all EZ VPNTM solutions and in line with our company vision, IOhubTM Networks are designed to be simple and user-friendly so this feature can be widely utilized.

The only elements necessary to build an IOhubTM Network are:

  1. The name to be assigned to the network.
  2. The network node ID.

IOhubTM takes care of all the complexity of creating a network and we left the user to define the simplest and most intuitive aspects of the network configuration.

When more instances IOhubTM are assigned to the Network all applications of the nodes can communicate with each other. Data can be sent to devices that are part of the same network by simply using the Data Field Exchanger container.

The advantages over traditional networks

There are numerous advantages in using IOhubTM Networks over traditional networks.

  • Implementationrequire just a few seconds.
  • Everything is configured through the IOhubTM management interface on the cloud.
  • No need for technical skills to set up.
  • No need to involve internal or external teams to activate it.
  • Network accesses can be added or removed at any time.
  • No limit to the number of nodes (IOhubTM instances) that can be interconnected.
  • Communications within the network are protected and encrypted.
  • Technological limits of traditional networks are overcome, such as: Machine networks with identical IP addresses. Machines that belong to different local networks are not connected with each other through a VPN connection. Networks with internet access provided by mobile, satellite, Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT), or no public IP networks.
  • Internet access is all you need.


IOhubTM infrastructure is engineered to implement high-added-value solutions that allow our customers to customize applications to meet their own specific needs. IOhubTM flexibility allows you to adapt your applications as your company needs changes in the future. IOhubTM Networks introduces an essential element in the communication between different machines or installations, bringing the potential of the solution to unlimited scenarios.

You can find more technical information in the Network of IOhubTM section.

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