EZ VPN introduces Node-RED 2.x in IOhub catalog

EZ VPN introduces Node-RED 2.x in IOhub catalog

EZ VPNTM is excited to announce that Node-RED 2.x is now part of the ready-to-use images included in the IOhubTM catalog. The pre-configured images in the catalog makes it even easier to use and distribute Node-RED.

Many advantages, thanks to IOhubTM

But what are the advantages of having Node-RED in the IOhubTM catalog?

  1. One-Click on-device deployment

Node-RED docker container is already configured to deploy in the IOhubTM applications with just one click, thus maintaining the flexibility to customize the docker configuration you are already used to

One-Click on-device deployment

  1. On-device remote deployment

Use the EZ VPNTM cloud management portal to deploy Node-RED or any other docker container in the remote device

On-device remote deployment

  1. On-boot Node-RED automatic updating

Node-RED will automatically update at any device reboot

On-boot Node-RED automatic updating

  1. On-instance multiple application

There are no restrictions on the number of applications you can create in the IOhubTM instance. Feel free to run multiple instances of Node-RED on the same device

On-instance multiple application

On-instance multiple application

  1. Remote assistance Cloud VPN

Included with IOhubTM is the IOcon remote assistance cloud VPN at no additional cost

Remote assistance Cloud VPN

  1. IOhubTM ready

Make the most of IOhubTM by integrating Node-RED with the ready-to-use IOhubTM Industrial IoT modules:

  1. Real-time cloud debugging

Check your running application through the cloud real-time debugging console.

Real-time cloud debugging

  1. On the fly IOhubTM instances networks

Let the IOhubTM applications communicate with each other by simply enabling the IOhubTM networks. No need to use a site-to-site VPN and it works with any internet connection.

On the fly IOhub instances networks

  1. Out of the box environment

No need to configure and deploy an Operating System. Just connect your IOhubTM device and your industrial edge device is ready to use

Out of the box environment

  1. No need to backup the Docker configuration

Docker configuration is safely backed up on the EZ VPNTM cloud servers. Just replace your broken device and your application is automatically deployed in the new one in seconds

No need to backup the Docker configuration

  1. Keep your data safe

Use the included and ready-to-use dropbox container to backup your application data wherever you need.

Keep your data safe

Wherever you want in just a few minutes

Connect the device IOX1 to the local network, access the management interface of EZ VPNTM on the cloud and add Node-RED to your application IOhubTM and in a few minutes, Node-RED will be running on the device. Do you want more? With IOhubTM your IIoT environment is ready to use and very easy to implement. Use the other modules in the catalog to enhance your Node-RED applications.

IOhub and Node-RED

Useful links

  • Visit the EZ VPNTM online Node-RED documentation page for more information about the preconfigured Node-RED container.
  • Visit IO Industry page if you are interested in learning more about our Industrial IoT solutions.
  • Visit IO Blog page to be informed about our news releases or follow our LinkedIn page
  • Visit the Node-RED website for additional information.

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