How to configure a VPN in less than 30 seconds


Setting up a VPN has always been a problem. High-level skills were needed and it usually took months or, if lucky, weeks to get the solution ready to use.

And what if I would offer you a solution that takes less than 30 seconds to set up a VPN?

A solution that anyone can implement and does not need special skills?

The scenario

A typical scenario that requires a VPN in place is when one or more people have to access remote networks such as the remote office, warehouse, industrial plant, home, etc. and they also need to access the devices or contents of that network like they are sited there.


  • Any EZ BoxTM device model. The device must be powered on, and with the WAN interface connected in an ethernet port of the switch of the remote network. (Yes, the device is connected with just one ethernet cable)
  • A DHCP service must be available in the remote network.
  • EZ BoxTM device power led have to be ON/Green. (The device is ON)
  • EZ BoxTM device network status led should be ON/Green. (The device need to access internet using port 443/TCP)
  • Make sure you know the EZ BoxTM ID or serial number (This is the MAC address of the device as shown on the device label)
  • Make sure you are logged in the EZ VPNTM management interface.

Configuring the VPN

Fasten the seat belt and click the video below to see how fast (and easy!) setting up a VPN can be!

Your VPN has been configured!

Try it your self!

After the VPN has been set up you may want to:


EZ VPNTM provides easy-to-configure VPN solutions that anyone can implement. Our solutions have been designed with the persons in mind and can be easily configured by non-professional people.

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