IOhub is even more affordable with ROCK PI X hardware

Rock pi X

The journey to make IOhubTM available on more hardware than just EZ VPN certified hardware or the Siemens Simatic is continuing.

IOhubTM is a game-changer in the way Industry 4.0 applications are built. More and more customers would like to use IOhubTM in applications where they cannot afford to allocate a higher budget, and often the required hardware doesn’t have to be an industrial-grade one.

This is why the EZ VPN development team designed a firmware for the ROCK PI X hardware. This firmware allows customers to purchase the ROCK PI X from their preferred supplier and install EZ VPN firmware that will allow them to use IOhubTM and IOconTM.

ROCK PI X is an Intel CPU-equipped device with 4 GByte of RAM that is affordable and can deliver high performance.

Case Study

One of our customers, a US-based company that builds control panels for agricultural irrigation systems, was interested in the IOconTM remote access solution. The reason why they wanted to implement IOconTM, was to allow the customer to securely access the SCADA system and allow the remote control of the irrigation system.

Once the customer presented the business case to the EZ VPN development team, they immediately introduced IOhubTM and explained the endless integration possibilities that IOhubTM offers.

By simply adding the field containers on IOhubTM, it allowed communication with the pumps, actuators, and sensors. Thus, it was very easy for the customer to create a full flagged Industry 4.0 application center. In a matter of a few hours, the customer was able to:

  • Integrate their existing SCADA system.
  • Build an automation system by using the Data Field Exchanger present in IOhubTM.
  • Create a notification system by using the Data Field Exchanger and one of the Notofication container present in the IOhubTM catalog.
  • Create a charting system with commands to control the pumps and the actuators in the fields by using the Grafana container present in IOhubTM.

IOP1 case

One of the biggest challenges for the customer was to also have a redundant system, in the case one pump was not able to guarantee a certain pressure, a second pump located at a remote pumping station would be activated. This High Availability architecture was possible by using the NETWORK feature that is natively present in IOhubTM where two IOhubTM instances installed in two pumps located 1 mile apart can safely communicate as if the pumps are physically connected on the same control panel.

The implementation required only 2 hours and the investment required for the hardware was very minimal.

The customer was impressed by the simplicity of which he was able to build such a complex infrastructure that just a few years ago would have cost him a prohibitive amount and most likely be too expensive for his customer.

Learn more about IOhubTM and how it can simplify your next integration project.

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