IOhub now available on Phoenix Contact hardware

IOhub now available on Phoenix Contact hardware

At EZ VPNTM , we continuously strive to improve our products and to deliver the best customer experience.

In line with our goals and vision to make IOhubTM widely and easily available to our customers, we have enabled the option to install IOhubTM and IOconTM software with Phoenix Contact IPC BL2 BPC 1501E.

Phoenix Contact is a trusted name in the industrial automation industry with a capillary global sales network that is ideal to serve EZ VPNTM’s global customer base.

Offering IOhubTM features and benefits on the Phoenix Contact IPC BL2 BPC 1501E will speed up the adoption of IOhubTM as an IIoT orchestrator and communication solution.

Purchase your Phoenix Contact IPC from your local Phoenix Contact distributor (for US customers contact Steven Engineering) and install the EZ VPNTM firmware that is provided once you purchase the IOhubTM and IOconTM license.

IOhubTM is a modular orchestrator and communication runtime that allows the building of IIoT applications without the need to write code. IOhubTM makes building Industry 4.0 applications and putting in communication heterogeneous PLC’s, field sensors, and software less challenging and most of all, affordable.

Unveil the power of Industry 4.0 with IOhubTM and access your installation or machine control panel with IOconTM VPN remote access.

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