IOhub makes the ERP and MES talk with industrial machines

IOhub makes ERP and MES talk with industrial machines


There is always the need to interface the company’s ERP or MES with industrial machines, but often, this connection is not natively possible to implement. So, how can any company easily achieve this? The answer is IOhubTM.

The need

Turning a machine on or off is generally a very simple concept, but when doing this through the ERP or MES interface is generally more complicated. Also, imagine that you want to send information to the production machine such as sending production recipes, lot numbers, or reading the production date that must be entered in the ERP or in the MES so you can produce a production log or a Certificate of Analysis. All of these are tasks that are required by today’s Industry 4.0 standards.

The solution - simple and easy

IOhubTM generates an OPC-UA communication which allows the ERP or MES to easily send requests. Such requests are appropriately interpreted and translated by IOhubTM, and the command is sent to the machine regardless of the protocol used.

Thanks to the software modules already included in the IOhubTM catalog, communications from and to the machines, independently of the protocol, are automatically converted into the language used by the MES or ERP. IOhubTM communicates using the OPC-UA or MQTT protocol acting as an intelligent gateway. The implementation of this valuable integration is done without writing any programming code, but simply by configuring the available modules already present in IOhubTM.

With IOhub

Let's take control

With IOhubTM even the ERP can take control. By combining the various software modules available in the IOhubTM catalog, you can make machines with different protocols communicate with your ERP or MES, and you can also manage notifications and alerts using systems such as SMS, email, Slack or Telegram.

With IOhubTM, different platforms such as ERP and industrial machines or IIoT in general can communicate effectively in a simple and practical way.


You can integrate your industrial machine with your ERP or MES by using IOhubTM in just a few minutes. There is no need to spend days or weeks of development and encounter very high programming costs. System integrators find IOhubTM the most convenient method to manage communications and data exchange between heterogeneous environments.

Contact us to try IOhubTM and see f how you can implement Industry 4.0 at your company. A smart production environment translates into a smart business decision.

You can find more technical information in the documentation section OPC-UA

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