IOhubOS Open Source is here!

IOhubOS Open Source is here!

IOhubOS is the new Open Source release of the existing IOhub firmware.

Use IOhubOS for your industrial projects

It is an Industrial grade Linux-based distro, resilient to typical power on/off sequences.

We developed IOhubOS using a "configuration over administration" approach.

You do not need any Linux administration skillset.

You can configure any IOhubOS service (networking, WiFi modes, firewall, docker applications, ssh server, etc.) only by editing a text file, and IOhubOS will self reconfigure upon reboot.

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IOhubOS 1.0 already includes several missing features from the existing IOhub version:

  • WiFi Client and Access Point mode.
  • Run offline (no internet connection required).
  • Router mode with full machine isolation.
  • SSH access.
  • Internal Docker registry to store images.
  • API for Docker administration.
  • And many others...

Use IOhubOS on any highly isolated industrial network

IOhubOS includes a full-fledged Docker registry that allows any installation to run disconnected from the internet. The required Dockerimage can be either pre-installed in the firmware or added later.

An HTTP Admin API is also available to manage/upload Docker applications.

Compatible with your IOhub applications

IOhubOS is 100% backward compatible with the existing IOhub applications. Export your current IOhub applications, deploy it on IOhubOS, and you are good to go. Download IOhub configuration

IOhubOS is fully customizable and extensible.

How can I use IOhubOS?

Starting from today, you can use it on any X86_64 device. ARM support is coming soon.

Installing IOhubOS on your preferred hardware is fast and simple.

Be part of the Open Source IOhubOS revolution

Lead the way and be the first to start using the new IOhubOS on your Industrial IoT applications.

Visit the GitHub IOhubOS project to learn more or directly contribute at the project.

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