Why cybersecurity is important


The industry sector is increasingly connected. Connecting machines to the Internet is essential to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve production efficiency. However, being online can leave you exposed to cyber-attacks. This means that in addition to having systems for connecting machines, it is important to develop a strong cyber-security policy. Let's discuss cybersecurity and why it is so essential for your business.

Why cybersecurity is important for business

A cyber-attack is potentially a danger for everyone, regardless of who the victim is, but for a company, it can be even more harmful, if not destructive. An industry that is attacked, risks losing data, personal information and money, and most importantly, they lose their customers.

This can result in a great loss of credibility that is hard to remedy. This issue does not concern, as is often believed, only large companies. It is estimated that 43% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses; this is because they are less likely to have adequate security systems.

In addition, small businesses are less likely to be fully aware of all the risks that exist online. The good news is that there are easy ways to improve security and protect businesses, both for small and large companies.

A solution to protect your company

We at IO Industry have developed IOconTM, a remote connection system that allows you to access industrial machines securely where hackers cannot get in. With IOconTM connection industrial machines are remotely accessible but completely isolated from the Internet or even from the customer network if necessary.

To protect your business, companies should consider adopting these innovative and efficient systems like IOconTM.

IOconTM: How cybersecurity works

Cybersecurity can be described as a series of methods, technologies, and processes to help protect the privacy, integrity, and availability of IT systems, networks, and data from cyber attacks or unauthorized access. The main purpose of cybersecurity systems is to protect all resources and machines (therefore the Industry) from both internal and external threats.

To avoid these problems, IOconTM is a system that uses a connection via a VPN and takes security to the next level. Here's what it provides:

  • A password-protected certificate

  • Two-factor authentication 2FA

  • 2FA on management website

  • No need to open ports or firewall

  • VPN access with real-time notifications

  • You can block VPN access in real-time

  • A VPN access log file

  • A VPN status notification

Take control of your company's IT security and find out why your industry should start using IOconTM today.

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