Security is one of the most important requirements when establishing a remote connection to your machine or when you manage a company's sensitive data. There is a great deal of information that carries input and output functions that routinely makes it vulnerable to attacks or unauthorized access. While VPN technology is already one of the most secure ways to establish a connection, we add additional security layers to make accessing your machine more secure.

  • Password-protected Cloud VPN connection certificate.
  • EZ ConnectTM client based on OpenVPN technology
  • Two Factor Authentication to access the management site.
  • Instant notification when a connection is established.


IO Industry® uses EZ VPNTM technology for a secure and fast connection. The EZ VPNTM global server infrastructure is strategically located based on our customer’s requirements and guarantees the flexibility and scalability of our service. All servers are located in data centers with the highest security standard.


IOconTM establishes a cloud connection without the need to open firewall ports which as a result would strengthen the security of your internal network.


IOconTM firewall allows you to set rules in both directions, incoming connections and outgoing connections. Your PLC, Industrial PC, and all IP devices in your control panel can be fully isolated from the Internet, from the local LAN, or both, disabling any attempt to run automatic software upgrades. Your security with IOconTM is at the highest possible value.


Data is one of the most sensitive and valuable assets of any company. This is why with IOhubTM, we give you options on how to handle and store your data. You can decide to store data on your local server, on the cloud, or even on IOhubTM physical devices. You are in full control of your data.


EZ VPNTM infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud Platform with geolocated and redundant servers. All servers are scanned in real-time to confirm there are no external threats to our platform. Real-time notifications are sent to our security department if any issue is detected.

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