IOconTM - Remote access to your machine as if you were on-site.

Plug the IOconTM device in the machine control panel, register it to your account, and you are connected. You can even ship the device to your customer, plug it into an existing panel, and configure the remote connection without being on-site. IOconTM is the most flexible and affordable solution on the market with its Bridge and Router mode configuration.

  • Lifetime license
  • Easy users and groups management
  • Most secure VPN technology
  • Global infrastructure

No License Fee

IOconTM Remote Assistance service comes preconfigured with select EZ VPNTM hardware without the need to pay an additional monthly or yearly license. IOconTM Remote access services are available to you for the life of the device. No charges for additional users or EZ ConnectTM VPN client.

EZ ConnectTM

EZ ConnectTM is the free EZ VPNTM client that allows you to easily connect to all your machines from one single spot. EZ ConnectTM works on an OpenVPN protocol to guarantee top-ranking security performance for established connections.

Improve your service with a world class remote assistance and IIoT data management solution

Learn how our IO Industry line of products will help you improve your service while increasing your customers’ productivity. All of this, at a fraction of your current cost. Start saving today!

Plug, Register, Go. Simple!

IOconTMis the simplest and most affordable Remote assistance solution on the market. See for yourself, how to configure a secure VPN connection in just minutes.

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