IOhubTM - The simple and affordable IIoT open platform for your machine

Build Industry 4.0 applications with a simple and intuitive interface powered by Docker. In just minutes, through preconfigured applications, IOhubTM allows you to connect to your PLC and build customized dashboards, export data to the cloud or on-premise, write data from the ERP and the PLC, set notifications, and much more. You also have the freedom to deploy your own software and application packaged in a Docker container.

  • No monthly fees
  • No limit on data points
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Compatible with all PLC’s

No License Fee

IOhubTM IIoT service comes preconfigured with selected EZ VPNTM hardware with no need to pay an additional monthly or yearly license. All IOhubTM services are available to you for the life of the device.

Secure Remote Assistance

IOconTM remote assistance service is always included with IOhubTM. Get the best of IIoT in combination with the simplest and most flexible Remote Access Solution on the market. Learn more about IOconTM and how you can simply install IOconTM and IOhubTM to retrofit an existing installation.

Improve your service with a world class remote assistance and IIoT data management solution

Learn how our IO Industry line of products will help you improve your service while increasing your customers’ productivity. All of this, at a fraction of your current cost. Start saving today!

Intro to IOhubTM

IOhubTM gives you endless possibilities on how you can manage the data coming from your machine PLC and sensors. There is no limit on what you can do and create - charting, dashboards, automation, notifications, data analysis, machine intelligence, predictive maintenance, and much much more. Watch this short video for an introduction to IOhubTM and see how you and your company can benefit from this technology. For more details on IOhubTM you can also view the video in the link below.

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