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Starter Kit :: Enterprise Lifetime Subscription

Starter Kit :: Premium Lifetime Subscription

Starter Kit :: Standard Lifetime Subscription

Starter Kit :: Enterprise Annual Subscription

Starter Kit :: Premium Annual Subscription

Starter Kit :: Standard Annual Subscription

The Starter Kit includes everything you need to create a new installation. With the Starter Kit, you can reach your remote network. Do not purchase a starter kit to renew an existing plan. Go to the renewal section instead.

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Standard Premium Enterprise
EZ Box included
Access to dashboard
Concurrent connections 1 5 20
Allowed users 4 30 100
User activity history
Both Bridge and Router mode
Multiple remote LANs
Multiple remote WANs
User/Network ACL
Data Stash automatic usage
Over quota limited speed
Traffic per month 10 Gbytes 100 Gbytes 1 Tbyte

* We have defined a lifetime account as 99 years or the lifetime of the account holder, whichever is shorter.